FAQ about the private copying remuneration

We distinguish between three groups of liable parties: the manufacturers, the importers and the intra-community purchasers. They can be either wholesalers or retailers. Read ‘Who is liable to declare?’

Auvibel ensures that the private copying remuneration is distributed efficiently and quickly among its 20 member management companies, who each represent different types of rights holders. They pass on the remuneration themselves to their thousands of members. See Rights holders and Distribution.

The private copy remuneration has existed in Belgium since 1994. This legal exception to copyright also exists in 22 other European countries, including our neighbouring countries the Netherlands, France, Germany… . See International for a full list of countries where the private copy fee has been introduced.

When the merchant invoices the remuneration together with the goods to a customer, the VAT rate is 21%. When Auvibel invoices the renumeration to the liable parties, a 6% VAT rate applies.

The remuneration tariffs listed on our website do not include VAT.

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